Michael, Danni and Emma – Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal


Mike contacted me in January about photographing his engagement proposal at Grand Canyon in March. I was excited at the prospect of shooting this proposal in the making as I always am but even more so this time. His fiancé to be had a 5-year-old daughter that would be with them during the engagement proposal on the rim of Grand Canyon. Mike and I decided on taking photos at the “Duck on a Rock” location on the Desert View Drive at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. I thought this was a good location as it has easy parking and although visited, it is not a well-known spot at Grand Canyon. This allowed me to capture their moment without being obvious that I was hired to do so.

Cell phone reception at Grand Canyon is a challenge but I told mike that I would wear a neon yellow pullover and not to worry, I would see them when they arrived. They pulled up to the ‘Duck on a Rock’ location exactly on time, Mike had gotten up very early that morning to scout it out without Danni and Emma’s knowledge. I followed them up to the right on a dirt path that skirts the rim of the canyon. Mike told me earlier that he would firstly present Emma, Danni’s daughter, a necklace and then would propose to Danni.

I followed them up the path and then I saw it happing. Mike placed a necklace around Emma’s neck and her face lit up. Unbeknownst to me, Emma was in on the surprise. She started dancing around and saying “something is going to happen to you next, Mama,” and then it happened. Mike got down on one knee on the edge of the Grand Canyon and asked Danni to marry him. The whole time Emma’s hands were clasped around her face in awe and it was so exciting to photograph this Grand Canyon engagement with Emma’s reactions.

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