Grand Canyon Vacation Family Portraits

I haven’t shot a family portrait, aside from weddings, at Grand Canyon in a while. When Al called me to request a portrait I was thrilled to schedule a sunrise portrait session with him and his family. Grand Canyon is an excellent place to reconnect with family. Through my other work, I’ve found that it is very popular for families who reside in different locations to rendezvous at Grand Canyon for vacation and sometimes a family reunion. I asked Al a little bit about his family prior to meeting them. I really love “getting to know” my clients before working with them.  Having that connection beforehand really helps to elicit genuine reactions and smiles. Al’s family was no different. The two boys, Griffin and Max were rock climbers, so I tried to seek out some poses and spots that would appeal to them while I talked to Morgan about gymnastics and the Olympics. The whole family took my suggestion to see the sunrise and then meet up for a portrait before breakfast at El Tovar, my personal favorite as well as any Grand Canyon local’s favorite. The light was soft and beautiful and we had some amazing clouds in the sky. I really loved working with this family and hope to do more family portraits on the South Rim at Grand Canyon.

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