Dana and Darin – 10.14.16 – Lipan and Shoshone Point Wedding

” I bought a camera, and I’m just going to do it myself..” said Dana abruptly when I got her on the line after playing phone tag for a week.

“Wait… What? I’m sorry, I am confused. I am the photographer you called, returning your call.” I replied befuddled by her response.

“$300 for 30 minutes is just too much. Your assistant couldn’t…”

I cut her off. ” I am a bit confused… I work alone and those are not my rates.”

“OH! Thanks for explaining. I am getting married and looking for a photographer.”

” I can answer your questions about that. Firstly, what is the date you are looking at?”

“The wedding is tomorrow at 11:00 am”

Sometimes, it happens like this ^. Dana and Darin had an incredibly difficult time finding a wedding photographer who would travel to the Grand Canyon to shoot their very tiny wedding at Lipan Point. Luckily, I work for a Grand Canyon related organization, and live there half of my time. We solidified details and I met the couple, a pastor and his wife and Dana’s brother and sister in law who had decided to come from Denver Co at the last minute to take photos in the case that a Grand Canyon photographer couldn’t be found.

Like most weddings, there is some degree of furious activity, stress and a bump or two in the road. This was no different, but that’s life. We has decided to take portraits at Shoshone Point because that is where Dana and Darin planned to be married a year previous, they even had secured the Shoshone Point Wedding Permit but had to cancel. Unfortunately, they did not get their permit fee back and in the year they spent reorganizing their wedding plans, Shoshone Point permit prices went up drastically. They decided on Lipan but still had a special connection to Shoshone Point.

Darin, unfortunately, had a terrible case of food poisoning the night before the wedding and we had to call off the Shoshone Point photos. They made it to Lipan in time to have their wedding but with not enough time to take the portraits that were important to them. Understanding the significance of taking some pictures at Shoshone Point, we made plans to return the next morning and did. We were later than we wanted to be getting out there and the light was harsher than I liked but the place is still “THAT place” for them and we captured some beautiful moments in the place that captured their hearts.

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