Eric and Ursual – a surprise Shoshone Point engagement – 8.5.16

It is always a pleasure to be a part of someones engagement, to take photos from a distance and to try to capture that special moment is a fun challenge. On this particular evening, Shoshone Point was not the place that I usually experienced as a local. It has become quite the superhighway of “secret” Grand Canyon locations. Trying to keep the moment sacred and special I did my best to communicate to Eric that if he could walk ways from the point, I could photograph this moment anywhere and would follow him to a more secluded spot on the rim. We struggled to communicate with each other from a far but finally Eric led Ursula to a little sunlit point to the west of Shoshone, and it happened. It was beautiful and I’m so glad that I got to play “fly on the wall” for it.

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