Fall photos in Flagstaff


I’ve been shooting engagements and weddings at Grand Canyon this whole month and have hardly had a chance to take in the beautiful golden aspens of Flagstaff. All of the trees are changing now, and I have been too busy to get out to take any photos of my own.I love fall, maybe a little bit more than your average Arizonan. I’m originally from the east coast and recently went out to visit family in New Jersey. Apple picking, pumpkin spice and fall foliage was what I was after, so we headed north into New York. It’s been so warm back east that most of the leaves were still green, even up into the cooler weather. I walked into the office at the Grand Canyon Association, where I work full-time and am the staff photographer, and was delighted when I was asked to take a photo of NPS personnel with an award for the new Grand Canyon Greenhouse, a project that would not have taken place without funding from the association. I am really thrilled to have found fall and just out back of the building, basically in our parking lot 🙂


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