Richie and Nathaniel – 4.10.17 <3

When Richie emailed, I couldn’t have been happier. Shooting surprise engagement proposals at Grand Canyon are my favorite but he also wanted to do it at sunrise, being a morning person I accepted immediately.

I hadn’t shot any sunrise engagements and although I live at Grand Canyon and often walk my dogs along the rim in the early morning light, I knew that it was imperative to scope out a great spot and test the lighting, unfortunately I only had one day to do so. I decided to go out on Desert View Drive/ East Route 64 to see how the light looked at some of the points out there.

The sun rises in the east and knowing that some of the viewpoints can obscure the sun breaking over the horizon line I decided to look primarily at Lipan Point and Navajp Point, where the Desert View Watchtower sits. On this particular day of scouting the sky was full of clouds and the sunrise, sort of a non-event, still I could tell how the sun would come up and what the light would be like there early.

Sunrise right now is 5:45 but by that time that ooh ahh moment is over. The clouds start changing color and its easy to see the light from the sun about a half hour before that. Id chosen a spot just to the right of Lipan Point and waiting there that morning I was nervous that the couple would not appear in time to shoot in the gorgeous early morning light, but they did.

They arrived and sauntered right past the spot we discussed and down a little dirt trail just below the point. I was thrilled, this trail leads to many little flat, sort-of terraced areas that are perfect for getting amazing on-the-edge shots that Grand Canyon is known for.

There were about 5 other people that also chose to make their way below Lipan Point for the sunrise, I waited as the couple chatted with other visitors and then it happened. Richie dropped to one knee and I shot like rapid fire this amazing proposal below the rim at Grand Canyon.

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