Family Portrait at Grand Canyon South Rim

I met this nice family from the midwest when they arrived at our meeting location outside the Shrine of the Ages building. It is always fun to take pictures for people who are also seeing Grand Canyon for the first time as well. We took a few photos there with the rock wall of the Shrine of the Ages as a backdrop, in a beautiful patch of lupine.  A trail between the two buildings takes you to the rim of the canyon where there are some stunning views and great places for photography.  We took some photos out that way in the beautiful afternoon light, we met just after 6pm. It was the perfect time to take photos and we were lucky to have some light clouds to diffuse the sun, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, its a little bit more challenging to work with natural light in a portrait setting as opposed to the engagement proposal in action where the light matters less. In this instance it was really important to make micro adjustments to how people were stationed next to each other to avoid a shadow cast on to the next person. I think these worked out well overall and my subjects were good sports and loved their images very much.

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