7.29.17 – Family Portraits at Grand Canyon

I was surprised when this family said they would choose a sunrise photo session at Grand Canyon instead of a sunset photoshoot, I was even more surprised when I learned that they would be leaving from Flagstaff and prepared to meet me at Lipan Point at Grand Canyon at 5:20 in the morning. Sunrise isn’t until 5:40 right now but there’s plenty of light before the sun hits the horizon line and I always tell me clients to be at the location before the sunrise mostly because I want them to have that moment, the event, the sunrise at the canyon and the ooh ahh moment is already over when the sun comes out over the horizon line, its before all that where the magic really happens, when the clouds can turn pink and the atmosphere give way to light. The french like to call this “entre le loupe et le chien” inbetween the wolf and the dog. I love that expression.

The family arrived in good spirits and on time! They were flexible and easy to work with, good natured in general but then again, they chose Grand Canyon for a family portrait, so they were already winning. The boys were not rambunctious, they were patient and good listeners and in general taking these portraits were a ton of fun, I really love the result as well 🙂

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