Engagement Proposal in the Moment


It’s really amazing to shoot these surprise engagement proposals at Grand Canyon. I really adore capturing the proposal as it takes place and I can’t think of a better place than Grand Canyon for an epic engagement proposal.

I still remember the first time that someone asked me to be the photographer of their engagement. I’d shot plenty of engagement portraits before but never the proposal itself and not ever at such an amazing place as Grand Canyon National Park.

This particular engagement took place an hour before sunset and with amazing clouds that shifted and changed with time and allowed lots of different lighting for these destination portraits.

The light and shadow moved over the canyon and I had to be clever about how I shot. As a natural light photographer, I don’t use a flash and have learned over time how to truly see the light. I think this allows me more flexibility and freedom than the photographers bound to their lighting equipment and flexibility and freedom allow my creativity to flow.

Its getting colder now, which could cause a slow in my work but I truly cherish moments like these and I hope some folks might be brave enough to request shooting a surprise winter engagement proposal at Grand Canyon with me as their photographer.

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