10.16.17 Family Portraits at Grand Canyon


Taking family portraits at Grand Canyon has really been a very rewarding experience. Each family is a little different and its fun to get to know them as I help plan their photo location. This group said they hadn’t had a family photo taken in many years and thought that Grand Canyon was the perfect place, I agree.

There are so many amazing locations to shoot at Grand Canyon but you’ll have to send me an email to find out just where I like to shoot. One location that I used to use has become over run with photographers and I think its all my fault from posting my location in a blog or perhaps tagging the Grand Canyon viewpoint on Instagram.

I have a unique relationship with Grand Canyon, I live half my time there and lived there continuously for more than four years. The way the sun sets and rises changes seasonally and there are a lot of places where other points block the sunrise or sunset and out of so many places at Grand Canyon to take photos but so many are difficult to shoot at because of where on the horizon the sun rises or sets. Grand Canyon is really an ever-changing environment that keep me on my toes even with a local/insider perspective and familiarity with the place.

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