8.2.17 Francesca and Cassius – Autumn Family Portraits in Flagstaff

I have some clients looking to shoot in the aspens later this week so I just wanted to get out and take some fall photos in Flagstaff. I went up Snowbowl road to a place they call “Aspen Corner” with my friend and her son. It was after 430 when we met in town at at least 5-5:15 by the time we got up on to Humphrey’s.  I was there to scout the light as I’m often shooting at Grand Canyon where the sun is visible until it passes the horizon line, high trees on a mountain effectively reduce that time.

Still we found slivers of light left and ran to them and when those disappeared, we ran to another patch of light. We we literally “chasing the light” as photographers often use that term. What we got were still some really fun playful shots thought I’d really like to fins a patch of younger aspens as the trees that are mature have high leaves leaving a lot more white trunks in the photos. Next time, Flagstaff!

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