Candi, Brandon and Stetsen Family Photos at Grand Canyon


Family Portrait at Grand Canyon National Park Lipan Point

I shot Candi and Brandon’s wedding at Lipan Point on September 1st of 2017. Candi reached out to me recently and we were all able to meet up again to take some Grand Canyon family photos. We went back to Lipan Point off of the 64 East and close to the Desert View Watchtower. It was really exciting to walk up to them, seeing how much Stetsen had grown.

Stetsen is not even a full year older, than when we took the wedding photos at this location at Grand Canyon but it was easy to see how much he had changed. He was certainly taller but also a lot more talkative and easy to talk to and work with. Out of the baby stage and not yet worried about “stranger danger” Stesten was such a fun interactive person in our portrait. I am so glad that I got to rendezvous with everyone again after the Lipan Point wedding.

The light was a little harsher than I would have preferred on this sunset but I was able to shoot into it even still, giving Grand Canyon a silhouetted look that show its expanse and many layers. Shooting portraits at the South Rim isn’t easy at all. There is almost no where to hide in the desert and almost no way to diffuse the light. People often look shaded and shadowed and with light through some of the trees, you’ll find many portraits of people at Grand Canyon with shapes of light across the face.

I’m so glad that these Grand Canyon family photos came out so well. I don’t often have repeat customers, like photographers based in towns, unlike the southwest destination where I usually take photos. I hope Candi, Brandon an Stetsen always find a reason to come back to the South Rim for a visit.

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