4.8.18 Sunset Engagement Shoot

Sunset Engagement Photoshoot at Grand Canyon

I always have loved taking these engagement photos at Grand Canyon. Some couple come and stay for a while and some drive from Las Vegas for the evening which was what this couple did a few night ago. They drove all the way from Nevada just to take some special couples photos on the edge of Grand Canyon. They were truly in love and it was very easy to get lots of kissing photos.

We planned for two locations because they had formal and casual clothing. The only hard thing about taking portraits at Grand Canyon that require an outfit change, is where to do it. There are a lot of pit toilets and composting toilets around the South Rim of the National Park but improved restrooms with water can be harder to find at Grand Canyon. The one at the Desert View location is nearly a half a mile walk from the parking lot and poses some challenges in deciding to carry the previous outfits along or walk them back to the car. My clients decided to transport them with us.

We took some photos around the Desert View Watchtower and paused to take heels on and off. The ground at Grand Canyon Can be very uneven and although I do take lots of photos of women in wedding dresses or other gowns on the edge of the canyon, most of those were not achieved easily and most times we must carry and hide a pair of hiking boots as we move around the landscape. As much as I love taking photos in these gowns and dresses out in nature, it can be hard work and its often difficult to create many unique poses when one is unable to sit in a variation of poses as would be easier in pants or more casual clothing. Still, I’ll welcome any challenge in posing and photographing portraits at Grand Canyon.

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