Engagement Portraits – Julia and Mario

Mario and Julia contacted me a while back about taking some engagement photos at Grand Canyon. Mario had already proposed in an epic flash mob in Brazil, where they are both from. The engagement photos would be no different, epic. I was a little bit concerned with the smoke and storm combination we had been experiencing at the South Rim. Right now, sunsets and sunrises can be incredibly “epic” or non existent. I decided to offer this newly engaged couple both a sunrise and a sunset shoot at Grand Canyon. Even though the sunset on that particular day was a bit dark, we still managed to get some amazing portraits on the edge with super saturated colors – thanks dark clouds! Sunrise, though a bit hazy, offered up some colors reminiscent of water color paintings in hues of soft pastels. We got incredibly lucky to even see the canyon as well as we did as wildfire smoke filling the canyon is a daily affaire. We were so lucky to spend this time together in one of the most amazing wonders of the world.

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