11.4.18 Family Photos in Clinton New Jersey

Family Photos in Clinton New Jersey

Recently, I went back home for a visit to Clinton New Jersey. I wanted to be able to visit more after I moved from New Jersey to Grand Canyon Arizona. Over the years, that didn’t really happen as much as I would have liked so I decided to take some photos in Clinton. I met up with an old classmate from North Hunterdon High School in Annandale, NJ. She is married with three beautiful kids and it was really fun to meet everyone, including her parents in this cute little town we all call home.

Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time and it switched over this weekend that I was visiting. These photos are just a little bit darker that I would have liked them to be but still happy to have some that show the gorgeous fall foliage that was outstandingly colorful all over downtown, by the red mill and stone mill.

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