Sunny and Derek – Surprise Proposal at Grand Canyon

Surprise Proposal at Grand Canyon

It was really amazing to share this moment with Sunny and Derek. We planned this sunset engagement proposal at Grand Canyon and it was perfection. The sunset was outrageous and we shot long into the dusk to capture it behind their silhouettes. Derek and Sunny were so in love and I teared up a bit at the proposal and captured tears rolling down her cheeks as well. I hope these photos do this proposal justice as it was a truly amazing event to witness.

Have a wedding at Grand Canyon.

Get the permit.

  1. JoAnn Marquez says:

    Hi sorry my phone is acting weird and won’t let me complete the form but it’s just a family photo in our pj’s on the rim with 4 adults 2 kids and 1 furbaby. Early morning around Dec 21. We’re still waiting to hear from the kids mom when we can have them.

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