Sedona Elopement Ideas

Sedona Elopement Ideas

Sedona is such a magical place for an elopement because there are so many things to do. I have a ton of Sedona elopement ideas. Your wedding should be all that you want it to be and it can include hiking, biking, rock climbing, horseback riding or hot air balloon rides.

Horseback Riding

Though there aren’t horseback riding options RIGHT in sedona, but there are so many cool towns to explore in this part of Arizona. Horseback riding is one of my favorite Sedona elopement ideas, for instance.

Just 30 minutes from Sedona, and you have Wild West Horseback Adventures in Camp Verde. Horsing Around Adventures is in nearby Cornville.

How amazing would it be to ride horses in the southwest and as part of your wedding?!!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

There are sooooo many hot air balloon companies, that if you want use this Sedona elopement idea, I can help arrange it. Some of the hot air balloon operators even cater to weddings and elopements.

Most Sedona hot air balloon companies start before sunrise, and this might be the most amazing way to start your wedding day. The ride is usually about 1.5 -3 hours long and ends with a champagne toast.

Arizona Hot Air Balloons offers a wedding option super unique and original. For example, you can even get married on the hot air balloon itself!

The oldest hot air balloon company in Sedona is, Northern Light Hot Air Balloons, in operation since 1973, this company is proud to report a clean safety record. There are several other hot air balloon companies that would be happy to celebrate sunrise on the day of your elopement or the morning after, first sunrise as married people.

Mountain Biking

If you like the Sedona elopement idea of going mountain biking on your wedding day, Sedona is the place for it. Sedona is well known for slick rock mountain biking with lots of trails of varying difficulty and epic views around every corner.

There are lots of places that you can rent a mountain bike in Sedona. Some locations offer lessons, too. E-bike tours are also a great idea to get out and see the scenery in Sedona.


Hiking options are endless and an excellent Sedona Elopement Idea. I personally love to photograph hiking elopements. If you are willing to hike in your wedding dress, the photography end up being epic and you can stand on the top of a mountain for sunset. Hiking in Sedona can be apart of your wedding day or the means of travel to your elopement location. One thing is for sure, it will be the most memorable experience.

Read more about Sedona hiking elopements.

Rock Climbing

If you already rock climb, taking wedding photos while climbing is getting to be pretty popular. Depending on the climb, your photographer may need to climb as well or can photograph you climbing in the red rocks in your wedding attire from the ground or above. One of my favorite Sedona Elopement ideas!

There are some amazing places to climb in Sedona and with elopement photos in mind. Some might be multi-pitch, like Mars Attacks or single pitch, like the Stupa climbs in the heart of Sedona. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to get epic photos in your wedding clothing.

If you think you might want a little guidance, and or climbing tour, there are a few companies that offer guided rock climbing in Sedona for your elopement day.

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