About Terri

Hi, I’m Terri. Can I take your photo? 

Intimate Adventure Elopement Photography Style

I am an adventurer, fiercely in love with the natural environment and incredibly friendly and genuine. Combining my love for the outdoors, people and art, I’m taking people away from the traditional concept of portrait photography and creating an experience that is fun and organic.

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At the heart of it

People are unique, you never meet the same person twice, that’s why I love what I do. Every interaction is ever different from the next and it keeps me learning and evolving in this pursuit behind the lens.

Everything about my process is as natural as it can be. I really use a intimate adventure photography style. I’m not getting caught up in dragging around cumbersome lighting, instead I am free to walk with my clients on the rim and have an exchange with them – in the present moment seeing the light, being up before sunrise and into sunset and taking advantage of the natural light the world has to offer (its greener too!). Its more than just taking photos, its about living in the experience. Why not come to Grand Canyon and take photos but more importantly even, have a sunrise at Grand Canyon?

I am forever enamored with this place. I arrived at Grand Canyon in 2009 after previously living in New Jersey all my life, I’ve been here ever since 🙂 It’s not like it’s pretty or anything :p I worked as a photographer in a portrait studio for 7 years before leaving for the west. I have experience in many different types of photography and have studied with some greater photographers along the way. Photo <3


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