photography by Terri Attridge

People are unique, you never meet the same person twice, that’s why I love what I do. I'm combining a love for the outdoors, people and art :)

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I'm looking to work with people who have a natural curiosity and want to explore the outdoors during their photo sessions. I love wilderness activities that engage my senses and connect me to other people. These are the kind of experiences I want to create for you, and photograph along the way. 

At the HEART of it

Terri Attridge

Photography by Terri Attridge


Her compositions were on point, and she lightly employs editing to enhance the images without looking overdone.

-Ryan M.

The final product she captured was priceless! The shots are phenomenal and the quality is impeccable. 

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Be it a hike up a mountain for an intimate elopement or a small wedding at a viewpoint at Grand Canyon, I would love to learn about your ceremony. I want to connect with people and help plan your elopement or destination wedding event. I'll take on any wedding that is 75% or more outdoors :)

I really love to help "proposers" pick the perfect location for this. I usually play as if I am any other tourist and snap into action when the proposal begins. 

While I've lived at Grand Canyon for 10 years and love taking portraits here, I am also interested in taking a hike somewhere new and watching these moments unfold in any nature background.

I've become quite the expert in these surprise proposals and I would love to talk to you about all of your ideas and dreams for your own.


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I'm moving on from general family photos but am still interested in photographing special connections to places like national parks and adventure families interested in hiking for a photo. If you think you are up for a little adventure, please send me a message :)

Adventure Family

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