How would you like to just let go and BE in those important moments in life?

To let time stand still and be able to enjoy the excitement, smiles and possible tears in their eyes? To have no cares at all except the feeling of this moment that you can never get back?

THIS is what Terri Attridge photography can do: Create engagement proposals and elopement that wont be fuzzy in your memories a week or years later. 

Terri Attridge says her style is - “authentic, connected and rich in color”

She photographs your genuine life moments and helps create carefree and fun photos. The photograph show you connected to the landscape and each other. 

“I take amazing photos of the intimate little looks that you give each other, when you don't think I saw”, she says “and the way the dress hangs over your shoulder in that beautiful way, that you don’t see like I do - Photos that showcase who you are and your loving commitment to each other.” 

Attridge creates elopement photos that you can share with everyone you love. She captures the moment you are in, from the darkness in the rains to the bright sunrise streaming all over you on a cloudless morning. 

Terri is your go-to for unforgettable elopement and engagement photography in the Grand Canyon and the southwest. Terri Attridge really blends landscape and portraiture together in balanced and dramatic couples portraits.

Trying to be a storyteller over stuffy portraits, she’ll encourage you to have real moments in front of the camera instead of just pretending for some pretty wedding photos. 

In her spare time, she’s trying to make more of it. Truly enjoying physical challenges in harsh landscapes, she often laughs, “I love to suffer”, and it’s true. From packrafting, skiing, canyoneering, climbing, backpacking, running and more, she is challenging herself in the outdoors. In fact, she loves the outdoors so much that often takes off 3 months at a time… the last big vacations being rowing the Colorado River in Grand Canyon for a month or 3 months riding her bike through Bolivia, Argentina and Chile… why are we telling you all of this… because it’s about the values and the vibe man. 

You should vibe and jive with whoever helps you plan your elite elopement or adventure engagement proposal. 

So can you hang with someone that wants to be in the moment, soak in the stars, laugh and cry and suffer… someone who wants to feeeel alive with you and photograph you in all of your live wire selves, howling and the moon and hiking on the beach and getting dirty and rowdy and collapsing in a cuddle puddle at the base of some red rock mountain? 

If this sounds like how you want to feel on your important days, if you want to really be alive for this ride, hire an expert, a new friend, a dirtbag, suffer-loving backpacker type to hangout and take your photos for the day.

In any engagement or elopement session, you will play games, hangout and make moments that are worth taking photos of and that are more memories and experiences. 

P.S. Yes, she's Grand Canyon obsessed. Rows the Colorado River, volunteers with the park service in preventative search and rescue, been in living history performances, developed from the Kolb negatives in their darkroom,  canyoneera repelling over the redwall in bliss, climbed to the top of Mount. Hayden, hiked every trail and is a Grand Canyon tour guide in her spare time. 

Now is a precious opportunity- the only one we can be certain of. 

So embrace our freedom while it lasts,

For in this embrace we shall find, a future that is brighter than our pasts.

About Terri

about terri

I moved from New Jersey to Grand Canyon National Park in 2009, before that I had no idea what adventure really was. In the last ten years, I have been an avid hiker, climber, and enjoy canyoneering. I played roller derby for some years, and tried aerial silks, acrobatics and lyra with the circus. I have a thirst for learning outdoor skills and also an affinity for the obscure and weird.  I have a houseplant and vintage camera problem and collect both, which could be an issue for the minimalist on-the-road lifestyle that I crave.
I'm looking to work with people who have a natural curiosity and want to explore the outdoors during their photo sessions. I love wilderness activities that engage my senses and connect me to other people. These are the kind of experiences I want to create for you, and photograph along the way.