Photography by Terri is your go-to for unforgettable elopement and engagement photography in the grand canyon and surrounding countryside!

With Terri Attridge at the helm, you'll get beautiful photos captured with the help of her expert guidance, years of experience as a wilderness guide, and intimate connection with nature. The special magic of these sessions comes from her dedication to providing world class locations for stunning photographs, elevated by Terri's talent for capturing precious moments that will make lifelong memories.

Terri provides an amazing experience every step of the way — her mission is to capture true love stories through breathtaking images while creating joyful memories that last a lifetime. Terri's vision is to be known not just as a photographer, but also an artist who provides emotional connections between people and their surroundings through visual storytelling.

Now is a precious opportunity- the only one we can be certain of. 

So embrace our freedom while it lasts,

For in this embrace we shall find, a future that is brighter than our pasts.

About Terri


about terri

I moved from New Jersey to Grand Canyon National Park in 2009, before that I had no idea what adventure really was. In the last ten years, I have been an avid hiker, climber, and enjoy canyoneering. I played roller derby for some years, and tried aerial silks, acrobatics and lyra with the circus. I have a thirst for learning outdoor skills and also an affinity for the obscure and weird.  I have a houseplant and vintage camera problem and collect both, which could be an issue for the minimalist on-the-road lifestyle that I crave.
I'm looking to work with people who have a natural curiosity and want to explore the outdoors during their photo sessions. I love wilderness activities that engage my senses and connect me to other people. These are the kind of experiences I want to create for you, and photograph along the way.