4.21.18 Christy and Trent Northern Arizona Wedding

Arizona Wedding Photography – Cottonwood, Rimrock, Prescott

Living and working up at Grand Canyon, the weddings are considerably smaller and often less people than you could count on your hand. I was thrilled when Christy called me about this “small” wedding. It was fun to snap back into action in order to capture such a big event as a solo photographer. It was quite a long day for me but the families were so welcoming that I felt like, I too, was a part of this big day and wedding celebration.

I first met Christy’s sister right outside of Chocolate Blond Salon┬áin super cute oldtown Cottonwood. I forgot how cool Arizona is and this wedding really reminded me. Chocolate Blond was amazing at getting the girls hair and makeup ready. Everyone was really nice and I hope to work with them on another Arizona Wedding in the future. After taking a few “getting ready photos” I moved on to the wedding location to find the groom and groomsmen.

Christy and Trent decided to get married in the most beautiful location, Off the Beaten Path in Rimrock Arizona. As I drove down the dirt road to this place I had never seen I was a little bit interested to see where I would end up. The lanscape that I was driving through was brown and dry but then I came upon this place.

Off the Beaten Path was like a little oasis in the desert, it was so green and full of large shady cottonwood trees and flowers of all kinds in full bloom. All around the property were neat little benches and rustic decorations. It was the perfect place for a natural light photographer like myself as there was plenty of interesting lighting options. As the sun went down over this Arizona Wedding the garden lit up with tons of little fairy light and it was a magical place to be.

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