4.29.18 Robyn, Mark and Marshall say Goodbye to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Family Photos – Local Family Goodbye South Rim

These guys have been with Grand Canyon a while and its hard to imagine them not here. Robyn and Mark met at Grand Canyon and little Marshall has only ever lived here. Many people come and go from the Grand Canyon community but we will surely miss these guys.

Grand Canyon family photography is dear to me and especially photographing the families that I know. When I worked in a studio, I worked in a vert kid-centric place and am super well trained in what kinds of things make kids of different ages react and smile. It’s not always easy but getting Marshall to smile has never been difficult. In fact, he’s an ear-to-ear smiler but on this particular night, the windy was gusty and incredibly strong. I think he was a little stunned by it but I’m still glad that we were able to get these photos out there off Desert View Drive.

We met at Lipan Point, a favorite of mine and we took photos along the rim, I had thought that maybe we could include more than one viewpoint but it was crazy in the wind and little Marshall was tired but I’m still really glad that we could get all of these amazing family photos at sunset at the South Rim,

Dogs are allowed everywhere, above the rim, and on leash at Grand Canyon National Park and it was nice that we were able to include their dog in the family photo. Knowing how my own would be, I couldn’t imagine it but theirs was rather easy going. It was nice to spend the sunset all together including the dog on one of the last days that this family would call Grand Canyon home and they will surely be missed from this place.

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