Grand Canyon Shoshone Point Wedding – Matt & Dana


“I helped put on a Grand Canyon wedding for my friends and we hired Terri for the pics.  She was amazing.  Of course she got all the regular shots you would expect from a wedding but she also was able to capture much more.  She got the grandparents, parents, kids, groomsmen, and bridesmaids in action.  Catching people living in the moment is a gift. And Terri has it.   Thanks Terri for capturing those magical moments that made the day super special.  Memories forever and the pics to remind us.  My buddies are the one in the cowboy boots and the groom is wearing a black cowboy hat in her profile pics.” Mike Lowe, Pygmy Guides Owner

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I loved shooting this Grand Canyon Shoshone Point Wedding! Most times of the year, I find Shoshone Point a harder place to shoot weddings than most of the other Grand Canyon permitted wedding locations. It’s mostly because you hardly ever seen the sun set over the canyon before you. The sun actually sets in the trees behind your left shoulder, if you are at the point looking at the canyon.

Grand Canyon Shoshone Point Wedding Location – Pluses and Minuses

A lot of times, I try to move the wedding to the point itself as its the best location for views. Whereas, many times, the client will stage the wedding for just beside the pavilion and picnicking area. It makes logistical sense. There is a nice flat area to set up chairs for guests there. But by the time it rolls around for the late afternoon or sunset wedding, the people are all in the shade while the canyon is still brightly lit. As a natural light photographer, this makes things challenging for me. Either the people will be too dark and the canyon will be well lit or the canyon is over exposed and there is detail in the people.

Using the point itself for a Shoshone Point wedding, works far better as there is little vegetation on the point and most all of it is lit the same. That’s what we chose to do for this wedding. Depending on how many guests you have in attendance, this can work well or not. Mobility for your youngest and oldest guests is also of consideration. Some people may have difficulty with the rocky path. Though the path to the point is short, it is uneven and there are a couple larger steps and a bit of a natural esplanade that leads to the point. This part is more exposed but not impossible.

Accommodating Guests

Shoshone Point is one of the beeest spots at Grand Canyon. If you want to have your guests stay and enjoy some time with you after the ceremony. It is one of the largest locations, so it accommodate up to 100 people. Also, it is one of the only locations with a “bathroom” on site. It is a compost toilet without running water but I’ve seen some creative brides come up with décor to make it more amenable.

There is also a larger shade structure, charcoal grills, fire pits and picnic tables. Check out this chef for your event.

Read more about wedding permits.

Aside from Shoshone Point the only other permitting wedding location that offers infrastructure and built-on seating is on the North Rim. Cape Royal is an amazing location to get married with picnic tables, a good sunset view and an amphitheater perfect for the ceremony portion of the wedding.

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