Jessica and Coley – Denver Colorado Lesbian Wedding Photos

This was one of the most fun weddings I have ever shot. I couldn’t even narrow down the photos. It was such a beautiful event out in Denver, also the first time I traveled by plane to shoot a wedding. More about gear and transport and the trials and tribulations of getting though TSA without an ID later.

Doing Coley and Jess’s lesbian wedding photos in Denver Colorado was a dream. The theme of the wedding was white with a little rainbow. I met Jess and Coley in Denver a couple night before their lesbian wedding. Two night before we all rented bikes and had a rainbow bike party in the streets after their rehearsal dinner. I knew right then and there that I could be a Colorado Lesbian wedding photographer.

I’d actually met Coles on a Tinder date, but she wasn’t meant for me 🙂 I am so happy that she and Jess found each other because its perfect. They even got matching penguin tattoos long before their wedding. Penguins mate for life <3

At the time, I’d hardly explored Colorado and was really excited to be in Denver. Coley’s family and friends made it even better. I loved watching them accept and love and support this Colorado lesbian wedding. I knew it was easier for Coley than Jess in acceptance. I’m glad they chose me as their photographer. I feel like I was truly meant to be there and to connect with them both in this intimate way.

The wedding was mostly all at one location, though in the days before it I felt like I saw a lot of Denver. It was different than I expected knowing the cities of the east coast. And I was surprised at the Airbnb she set me up in as it was a small house with a yard. In fact, there were so many green spaces, less apartment buildings and more housing with yards, that I wasn’t even sure I was really in a city at all.

I am so so happy to be apart of this event and to shoot my first Colorado lesbian wedding!

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