Engagement at South Rim Grand Canyon -Rim Worship Site/Shrine

I was just trying out the Thumbtack app that connects services like photography with folks who submit open calls for quotes. I responded to something that Brad wrote about looking for someone to photograph an engagement at Zion National Park. Although I did not have sufficient time to fulfill a request that requires that much travel, knowing that Grand Canyon could be a part of his trip I responded. Luckily, I was right but what Brad had envisioned was far more than I ever expected or have helped execute. He wanted to send a large poster to me that I could place somewhere for him to “spot” from a zoom. I spent a week or two really thinking of a spot that this might work at Grand Canyon. Finally when I was heading back from climbing in that same area I saw the potential on a little esplinade that had a lot of vegetation to attach a sign to. My biggest fear, and I explained that to Brad when we talked about the use of this sign was that it is often quite windy at the rim but a week later he was walking up the path and the sign was in place as I waited. It happened almost too quickly as he was down on one knee and before I knew it they were kissing and engaged. This is the first time I incorporated a sign and I have a few ideas now about how I could help incorporate message writing in advance for engagements at the canyon. I’m not sure how much responsibility I want to take for being apart of that special moment. I’m glad that all the parts came together for this one.

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