Fairytale endings :) Coley and Jess

img_1184I have spent a lot of time working at Grand Canyon and over the many years, I have been honored to be included in such a diverse group of people that work here. I have had the pleasure of making many international friends and when I first saw this card in my mailbox, I thought that perhaps it was one of those friends circling back to me with holiday greetings. Instead, I opened the card and saw one of my own images starring back at me. I couldn’t be happier to see my clients and friends use my image for their thank you cards. This is the reason that my prices are all inclusive. I don’t do packages. 😛
I would prefer to wrap all the costs of wedding photography into one payment. Prices change depending on the number of people, location and length of time requested. Included in my price is the time it takes to actually take the photos, the post production/ processing of the photos (usually this takes me about the same amount of time as it takes to physically take the photos). the rights to the photos and high resolution digital images that you can have printed anywhere you like, at a lower costs than photographers usually charge for printed packages. I upload the finished images within one week from the time they are taken, They get uploaded to a website that is password protected (though you can give the link and password to anyone you like) and all of the images can be downloaded from that site directly as well as sent to be printed at several high-end print labs.
  1. Coley says:

    You’re so amazing and we loved working with you! You captured everything so perfectly and of course we wouldn’t use any other imagine!

    Spoiler: we used about 10 different pictures that you took. Each set of people got a picture of the front of their thank you. I just couldn’t pick one! I had to pick 10. 🙂

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