Ryan and Lili Surprise Engagement Proposal – Lipan Point, Grand Canyon South Rim

I am having the best time playing sneaky photographer and capturing these incredible engagement proposals at Grand Canyon, I think I want to be known for shooting engagements and do only that- forever :P.

It’s just really such an amazing way to greet the day and ends up leaving me feeling so full afterwords, after all I have this privilege of being there when this magic evolves. This one was no different except that the couple came all the way from Australia and Lili was more surprised than I think I’ve ever seen someone. It was really a moment that even I will cherish.

I helped Ryan pick the perfect spot, coming from so far away, I usually scout out lighting and look for different options for this kind of thing. I’m a little bit hooked on Lipan Point, it is still visited, but seemingly less so and I can hide out and there are many little locations around the point to capture the canyon and create a body of images that although were all shot at the same viewpoint, look different in photos.

Congratulations to Ryan and Lili!

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