Sunrise Engagement at Grand Canyon

I always love shooting these surprise engagements at Grand Canyon. Being in the moment with the couple is amazing.

We both planned to be there half an hour before the shoot was scheduled. Sunrise is at 5:45 right now but the sun starts peaking over at 5:30. I am a bit of a morning person and while I love seeing the sunrise, taking these kinds of photos even living locally at Grand Canyon, I’m up by 4am and on the road by 4:30. It takes about a half hour to make it to Lipan Point from the Grand Canyon Village area. Living here makes it easier for me though I’m always concerned for my clients tracking around Grand Canyon in  the dark where cell phone reception is not much of anything to speak about.

At 5:15 I saw them emerge from their car and head off for the view. This particular morning, there were about 5 other sunrise seekers and they ended up following us down the little dirt trail that heads off into the Canyon. Finally when when they moved on, Kraig dropped down to one knee and proposed.

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