Shoshone Point Wedding – Nat and Sienna

I love Shoshone Point at sunset, this was one of the most beautiful outdoor weddings that I have ever shot at Grand Canyon. The wedding took place at 5pm leaving plenty of room for sunset photos. The view from the point is incredible and it was really nice to take a walk out there with the couple just before the sun went down. A little bit of smoke in the air from some nearby fires made for incredible atmosphere and sunset on the South Rim.

Shoshone Point used to be more of a “locals secret” but over the 9 years I’ve lived here it has grown to be an iconic Grand Canyon destination. Once a place I walked my dog early in the morning completely alone, is now a place frequented by many others. I do think that someone wrote about it in a Lonely Planet guide and then Trip Advisor is what may have increased its popularity.

It’s a point off an unmarked dirt road that provide access to Shoshone Point but once parked, visitors must walk a mile through the woods on a dirt road before seeing Grand Canyon. It isn’t until the very end of the dirt road that you can even see the canyon and once you can see it, the view is even more outstanding if you can make it out left to the very prominent Shoshone Point that sticks out into the canyon for a more intimate experience and a most beautiful wedding location.

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