Destination Engagement Portrait Session at Grand Canyon National Park

Unlike my surprise engagement photo sessions, these two were already engaged and really just wanted to take some amazing photos on the edge at Grand Canyon and came all the way from Las Vegas. When they arrived there was some nervousness about edges and heights and I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get these epic on the edge portraits that they envisioned. I worked with them and although we couldn’t shoot in all of the places I had ideas for these came our really nice. Once again the Arizona monsoon weather helped to bring color into the canyon and create drama and different lighting conditions in a short time frame.

I guess I never really realized how many people come from Las Vegas to tour Grand Canyon. This is my third couple as of late that rented a car in Vegas and cam out to take Grand Canyon engagement portraits here at the South Rim. Like the other two couples, I was a bit saddened to learn that they pretty much drove from Vegas to Grand Canyon just to take these photos. I do hope that everyone I take portraits for makes time for the canyon, it’s more than a place for photography.

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