Jason and Ali – Lipan Point Engagement Grand Canyon

I really enjoyed shooting this surprise engagement proposal. Jason and I talked back and forth over email about all of the little details beforehand and I felt as nervous as he did arriving at Lipan Point that evening for sunset. I saw them arrive and Alli saw the path below the point that I was standing on. Surprisingly she took the lead in going below the point where I was hoping that they would end up.

I get such an a adrenaline rush trying to wait out the moment without appearing obvious and also trying to predict the best angle to capture the shot without ruining the moment. That means that not every engagement proposal will ever look the next. Each one is such a unique occurrence but I do my very best to help guide the “proposer” in general Grand Canyon advice, trip planning, directions, location, best time of day and the best location for a proposal that is a bit more intimate than the crowded more known points.

I really enjoy shooting at Lipan Point at Grand Canyon. The canyon there is a little bit different looking and the point sticks so far out that you can always have a great sunrise or sunset moment there. Its really neat that the little trail below makes you feel “in” the canyon. Its just a different feeling and helps provide some photos with a different perspective then at the rim.

This surprise was as perfect as the setting. Jason followed All down the path and they set up a picnic table a little ways under the point on a nice flat part by the little trail I mentioned. Before I knew it, his hand reached for the back pocket and he was down in proposal stance on one knee, I quickly ran around to capture both of their expressions as she stood up and held him and grabbed his face in her hand and kissed him, then when they pulled away she put the ring on and you could clearly see the overwhelming surprise and joy in her face. That’s really just the icing on the cake for this job, witnessing real human emotion on milestone days – total perk.

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