Sedona Wedding <3 "We're just a couple of old hippies who want to get married barefoot in Sedona", she said.

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this amazing little elopement in Sedona this Labor Day weekend. These people gave me all the feelz. I was honored to be one of 4 witnesses at this little wedding in the gorgeous red rock landscape. It was myself, long-time friend Georgian, the celebrant, and the guide Kurt. Kurt was amazing and led us to this secret spot with the absolute most amazing views in Sedona and Jen Paul led a ceremony infused with native cultural accents and a sense of divine spirituality. Mother Nature provided an amazing cloud and wind show which really added to the uniqueness of this elopement. The wind blew and almost knocked the couple over at times during the ceremony to which they were always left unshaken and we all shared in laughter.

The photos were incredible as the clouds played with us we experienced so many different lighting conditions that enhanced each and every aspect of this intimate wedding deep in the Sedona red rocks. We saw so many different views and new features were revealed to us as the clouds came and went. The group itself was just the perfect blend and everyone seemed to stop and take note of how special this little wedding was.

I almost cried myself when Mark sung and played a song he’d written for Gloria, it was the most genuine display of love between them. These were soul mates just waiting for this day of unity. I’ll always remember how the first email exchange went between Gloria and myself, “We’re just a couple of old hippies who want to get married barefoot in Sedona”, she said. I was in.

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