Engagement Photos in Autumn Flagstaff Arizona

The seasons in Northern Arizona can change with a snap. All it takes are a few cold nights and the leaves disappear from the trees. Luckily, we had a few good weekends with beautiful leaves this year in Flagstaff. I scouted for this shoot at least three times and was surprised at the way the aspens changed so quickly over the course of those visits. I was still glad to have some leaves left for this engagement shoot for a couple of dear friends.

Most of the time its easy taking pictures of the people I love. I already know what makes them tick and what might make them smile, and what’s off limits. Megan and Marisa are so truly in love with each other that it wasn’t difficult to take their photos in that regard but in photography there are so many variables. I think what made this shoot difficult for me at times was the genuine desire to get the photos and make them as best as I could.

Humans have so many flaws, its what makes us beautiful and unique. So many of us hate having photos taken and one member of this duo belongs to that group. It’s my job to try to make people feel comfortable, to try to elicit the most genuine of expressions and to let people get lost in a moment independent of the camera thats capturing it. That’s what I aimed for with this one and I think I got close enough 🙂

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