Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal in action


I am loving the Surprise Engagement proposals at Grand Canyon life right now! To be able to be a part of these life events and capture it as a photographer is an honor and a joy. I’ve been photographing these surprise engagement proposals for a while and trying to make sure that I help them plan out these proposals as best as I can with my insider Grand Canyon photography knowledge. I usually try to only shoot at sunrise or sunset for the best possible light the the sun on the canyon has to offer. This engagement session was shot at sunset on a day with a lot of clouds in the sky. The clouds overhead muted the sun and brought out the saturation of color at Grand Canyon. The palisades are a brilliant pink here and you can see the Colorado River, behind our newly engaged people, to the left. It is spectacular to have a moment alone at the canyon something I fear I wont see again after witnessing this past week at spring break. Grand Canyon is mobbed right now and its hard to imagine being able to have a private moment like this anywhere but I can be your Grand Canyon guide and help you craft a proposal like this. Everyone should have a moment to stand on the edge of Grand Canyon and reflect upon their place in this very Grand Canyon. I only hope that people keep on getting engaged here in the national park and they give me a reason to be included on such a powerful day in their personal life and an amazing time on the edge of the world, this canyon rim. Keep getting engaged at Grand Canyon, I would love to photography your destination engagement.


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