Engagement Proposal on a Stormy Day at Grand Canyon

Proposal Photography at Grand Canyon National Park – We got so lucky with these engagement photos! It was due to rain or snow on this day and sometimes when it snows here, it can fog in the Grand Canyon for nearly the whole day. Instead we got amazing clouds and sun and it rained out in the distance illuminating the sky and turning it into a brilliant gold color. While taking these photos there were many times that we stopped just to look off into the distance and watch how dramatic the Grand Canyon view was.

Organizing this proposal was a labor of love. Although there are locations that I love shooting and viewpoints with dramatic vistas, I opted for a quieter location. I help plan the proposal as much as I photograph it and it is very important to me that my clients feel an intimate connection to Grand Canyon as much as each other. People don’t pick this epic landscape for a destination surprise proposal if they aren’t looking for it to be special. There are over 6 million visitors that come to Grand Canyon yearly an it’s getting increasingly difficult to get away from the crowds and have a moment to one’s self at the South Rim of the canyon.

Luckily, in choosing me they also chose a local Grand Canyon resident as their photographer. For myself, as much as my clients, I am constantly looking to find the most unique and special viewpoint for this experience. In order to find yourself alone at Grand Canyon, it takes a little work. I have worked really hard to create that experience for my guests and to play tour guide for this kind of photography and life moment experience. If you are planning a proposal and you are looking for a local Grand Canyon photographer, I think you’ll find it with

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