Miss. Turquoise Portraits at Lake Powell Page Arizona

Portraits at Lake Powell Page Arizona – Photography by Terri

It was so much fun to go to Lake Powell in Page Arizona in search of some red rock scenery for portfolio portrait photography.  Earlier that day,  I went out to Page with a friend from Flagstaff and we took photos along the way on highway 8, by the time we arrived in Page it was only just after 10am but very hot already. I would get sweaty just getting in an out of the car.

I wasn’t expecting such a drastic temperature increase this quickly and this early in Northern Arizona, but it felt like summer. Initially when I’d planned Kaylynn’s photoshoot, I thought it would be cooler and envisioned a few different locations. In the end I decided that the nature of these photos are even more centered on Kaylnn than the landscape. These images are meant to be used in a variation of ways. I think it was less important to show off specific features of the landscape then it was important to use the textures and colors in the landscape to draw the attention to Kaylnn.

The Lake Powell and Page region of Arizona is excellent for taking these kinds of portrait sessions. I don’t know this area as well as I know Grand Canyon but I am really interested in shooting more in this location. There are a lot of really amazing locations with different geological features. Some are nearby to the road and some that require a little walking. I would love to shoot at Lake Powell again as well as new locations like the toadstools, wahweap hoodos and some slot canyons like Antelope. Shooting portraits in the southwest has a lot to offer in terms of color and texture.

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