Beautiful Ashanté

Beautiful Ashant̩ Рmodeling and portfolio development photography at Grand Canyon

When Ashanté contacted me, I was excited to take photos other than my usual engagement photos at Grand Canyon. Instead we would take some solo shots to help her establish her portfolio and document the traveling that she was doing around the country.

We set up to shoot at one location for sunset and meandered about the point looking for textures and lighting. Half-way though our shoot, we went back to the car to do an outfit change, realizing that Ashanté had locked the keys in the car. I have been this person, in this place, so so many times. Being a grand canyon local, I called up Xanterra’s switchboard from memory. They connected me to their garage (I believe the only place equipped to handle lockouts on the South Rim) and the garage assured us that they would have someone en route just as soon as they could. We continued to shoot until the cold wind became unbearable and then sat warmly in the car watching the sun go down and waiting for assistance.

We talked through the sunset and it was clear that Ashanté was a very special person, she spoke her first poem to me and I felt bonded. I loved her energy and attitude. Feeling terrible that we did not get to include the other outfits (locked in the car), I offered to meet her just before sunrise the next morning, and we met taking just a few additional shots.

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