Engagement Proposal in action

Engagement Proposal Photographer in Action

I absolutely love doing these. If I could shoot surprise engagement proposal photos in epic national parks like Grand Canyon for the rest of my life, I would be a pretty happy lady. I take almost all of my sessions at golden hour, and it really makes all the difference though nothing can compare to the real emotions that I can capture during life moments like these.

James wrote me about the engagement proposal and his visit to Grand Canyon in advance and I helped him choose a location that was more private than some of the others. We took photos afterwords at Desert View Point. It’s getting harder and harder to find intimate locations like this at Grand Canyon. With a spike in visitation, its hard to protect this special experience.

I arrive in my car and sit and wait until I see the make and model of the car that they have driven, after the couple parks I exit my car and purposely walk out to the rim to a location that I think would work well for the proposal, walk back to my car and hope the proposer takes the lead. I think the moment should be organic, real and true to the couple and who they are. So no matter how it happens and where in relationship to the canyon it happens, I help capture these amazing life moments and all of the expression, joy, excitement and surprise that comes with it.

If you are interested in taking photos at Grand Canyon, come out and meet a local, I’ll help you with all of your travel related questions, help photography your family vacation or your epic proposal and come away with a unique Grand Canyon souvenir. 520-355-1008 – – Hope to see you out there!

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