Nick and Kayla, Grand Canyon Engagement

South Rim Surprise Engagement Proposal – 520.355.1008

Nick reached out to me to see about capturing his surprise proposal at Grand Canyon. Of course, I said yes (so did she :)). We set up a location at the South Rim for a sunset engagement proposal. I helped determine the best time frame to propose in order to have sufficient time thereafter to take some regular portraits.

Nick and Kayla arrived and I jumped into action, pretending to be just another tourist with a camera around my neck. It can be difficult to appear incognito when I am unsure about when exactly the proposal will take place. I try not to draw too much attention to myself as I wander around within sight but trying not to look directly at the couple for any longer than necessary.

As soon as Nick dropped to one knee, the amazing Grand Canyon scenery behind him, I turned my focus to them and shot like crazy. I couldn’t see Kayla’s face as well as I would have liked so as I shot I moved closer to them and more left of where I stood initially and I got some really nice photos of the two of them elated and still glowing with surprise, caught in the moment of their Grand Canyon engagement.

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