Molly and Jeremiah Wedding at Grand Canyon South Rim




Sunset Wedding Ceremony at Grand Canyon

I love photographing any sunset wedding ceremony at Grand Canyon. This time of year there seem to be a lot of visitors to Grand Canyon National Park. Parking can be hard at the viewpoint. It can be difficult to negotiate the space for both the wedding and other visitors. We got lucky and I was able to crop out a small cluster on the right. I loved being apart of this gorgeous little sunset wedding ceremony at Grand Canyon.

The mission of the Park Service is to preserve and protect the visitor experience for all. I never ask anyone to move but often times onlookers will see that it’s a wedding taking place will move out of the way.  Luckily that was the case for us, for most of the wedding and portraits thereafter.

Molly and Jeremiah were married in a small ceremony by Jeremiah’s brother as the sunset filled the canyon with a gorgeous glow. Though we took many of the wedding photos before the sunset and the ceremony, we still had enough light to try to take a few after the sunset. It was nice to have a handful of guests to take photos with. Before and after the ceremony we took some photos of Molly and Jeremiah with her family. We took photos of everyone together as well as Molly and Jeremiah with his family. Sometimes for these smaller weddings at Grand Canyon, it’s just me and a minister and the two people getting married 🙂

All of my images are shot with natural light for the benefit of the experience in having an intimate wedding at Grand Canyon. I think lighting equipment is bothersome to other visitors and takes the nature out of being in nature. So with that, few that are shot after sunset can have some grain and be a bit darker than the rest. I like also to demonstrate the real feeling and look of being there on-site instead of an overly bright or pushed image. I hope you enjoy!

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