Adventure in the Desert – modeling shots for fun

Adventure in the Desert – modeling shots for fun

Vermillion Cliffs, Lees Ferry and Marble Canyon

I loved reconnecting with my friends Rachel and Kim over the Condor Release at Vermillion Cliffs and having and adventure in the desert – modeling shots for fun. After the event we ran around the desert playing dress-up, exploring and having fun taking photos. We pulled over ob /highway 89 and took some photos near interesting boulders and the remnants of stone wall structures. We were giggled at by the Navajo tradespeople selling jewelry and wares at the highway stop.

We laughed in the desert and sweat in the heat all the while enjoying each others company and taking silly photos. Though we were just having fun, I really like the way that a lot of these images turned out and I would love to do more photography at Lees Ferry, Marble Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs.

After the day way through, we hung with our toes in the colorado river watching the sunset melt away into the pink clouds as Rachel practiced the art of fire dancing with some training tools and Kim and I relaxed on the shore watching the reflections of the sunset into the Colorado River at our feet.

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