September Grand Canyon Surprise Engagement Proposal

September Grand Canyon Surprise Engagement Proposal

engagement proposal photography at Grand Canyon

I love engagement proposal photography at Grand Canyon. Cameron contacted me only a couple of months ago and yet I left like we were pen pals by the time that we “met” . I saw him in the parking lot and followed him to the location we had talked about. I tried not to pay too much attention to them as I meandered around the canyon rim, nearby to where they were. Then it happened, Cameron got down on one knee and proposed as I took photos of this gorgeous Grand Canyon engagement proposal. It was really amazing to witness another gorgeous September Grand Canyon surprise engagement proposal.

We took photos all over the place where they were engaged and then we drove over to another popular viewpoint only 2 minutes down the road on Desert View Drive/64 East. I really enjoy taking photos at this part of the canyon. Toward the east end of Grand Canyon the canyon bends and turns north which makes for gorgeous pink walls of the Palisades below Desert View Watchtower. This particular place in the canyon also allows for some really good Colorado River views, whereas on the west side of the South Rim, there is really very little of the river to been seen. You can actually see te]wo large sections of river here where I took the photos, to the right and left of the railed in area.

These two really seemed to appreciate the grandeur of Grand Canyon National Park as well as the nature experience in taking these photos. There is almost always wind that blows long hair in the face making it hard to take the perfect photo with all of the variables that wind creates. If there is a wedding dress, I actually think that Grand Canyon’s wind is useful to help create movement in the cloth. Best of luck to the both of them and Congratulations on the engagement!

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