2019 – ONWARD!

Best of 2018 – Grand Canyon Photography by Terri

As 2018 draws to a close and I look back over all of the beautiful images that I took at Grand Canyon, the best of 2018 – grand Canyon Photography by Terri Attridge.  I was a part of so many weddings and those amazing engagement proposals out on the edge of this epic landscape, I am so full of love and thanks. Thank you for letting me be there, thanks for shedding the tears in front of me, watching you accept the proposals, watching you jump for joy and being in the moment with you. Thank you all for sharing your personal moments with me at Grand Canyon.


Not all I’ve photographed over this last year was at Grand Canyon. I had some really amazing opportunities to take photos in Doylestown Pennsylvania and in 2019 I’ll be taking some amazing wedding photos at Fonthill Castle in Doylestown (October 2019).  I’ll also be photographing another Pennsylvania wedding at Terrain Gardens at Devan Yard. (September 2019). I’m super excited to check out both of these venues, they look ammmazing online! Maybe I’ll get to travel and photo a bit more in 2019. It’s nice to have these few things booked back home so I know I’ll be able to see my family a couple times this upcoming year. Family is important.

It was so heartwarming to connect with so many families this year. It’s nice to have a family photo and I took many family portraits at the canyon this year, some part of a Grand Canyon wedding and some were families on vacation getting some portraits taken of themselves. It was really fun to be able to share the canyon with them and to see the children interact with the desert landscape and appreciate some of the values of nature in their ways.

It’s been a great year taking photos at Grand Canyon. I’ve seen some beautiful weddings and engagements and shared some moments with you all that were all really wonderful. I hope the same for you all as for myself – wishing you a Happy New Year full of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, growing, exploring and being in nature. A year full of love and light, honesty, curiosity and good will toward each other and the environment and don’t forget to take lots of pictures along the way.

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