Tom and Megan – Grand Canyon Engagement

Grand Canyon Engagement

I really love taking these Grand Canyon engagement photos. Along the way, the proposer and I become penpals. There are so many questions and nervousness that goes into setting up and photographing an engagement proposal at Grand Canyon. The sun doesn’t aways set over the rim of the canyon and where it rises and falls changes everyday so I must become vigilant in “seeing the light” and knowing where the best locations are year-round. In 2016 the Park Service celebrated 100 years and with that they encouraged people to “Find your park” and boy did they. One of the biggest challenges in taking intimate photos and setting up important surprise proposals is finding a location that is quieter in visitation AND a location where the light is right. It’s getting harder and harder these days, but living here gives me an advantage and I think I’ve become quite the expert.

Photography by Terri Weddings

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