Amazing Sunset Engagement Session

Sunset Engagement Session at Grand Canyon

Sunset engagement photo session are some of my favorite. I was really an amazing night when I met with Nasar and Ruth. They were both really excited to be at Grand Canyon for the sunset and their engagement photos. They were engaged at home in pajamas, so Ruth told me that the Grand Canyon photography session was a must.

We were really lucky to have some big dense clouds in the sky. What an amzing sunset engagement session at Grand Canyon. I work with all natural light and try to make the most out of whatever kinds and quality of light the day is delivering but with a sky like this, lighting was less of challenge. With the sunlight slipping away,  we stopped to change outfits, We continued the portrait session at another Grand Canyon view point just in time to capture the richness and range of color that you can see here. It was stunning and the sunset was great one that I enjoyed sharing with this newly engaged couple. Sunset engagement photo session are really some of my favorite types of appointments.

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