Grand Canyon Wedding

Valentine’s Day elopement at Grand Canyon – We experienced rain all day, I was worried about how to photograph this but Casey and Sonia made it easy for me. Rain or shine, they would celebrate their commitment to each other.

I wasn’t really sure how this Valentine’s Day wedding / elopement at would go. They chose the right place, Grand Canyon, but when the day came to be it was incredibly rainy and the forecast was 100% chance of rain all day long.

I met them at their historic Bright Angel cabin and helped Sonia with her dress. Sonia was warm and inviting, and I was excited to chat with her in her native language, French. Casey planned the event and was super accommodating. They decided to share their vows in the historic cabin in front of a glowing fireplace. I was honored to be a part of such an intimate little wedding.

After the ceremony we went to the El Tovar porch for some sheltered outdoor photos. They became engaged at Blarney Castle and loved how much the stone wokr of the El Tovar’s front porch reminded them of a castle. Afterwards Sonia and Casey wanted to celebrate their love out in the rain, which everyone saw as a good luck sign. @ Grand Canyon National Park

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