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Adventure Photography Sessions

Gina (my friend who is moving from the Grand Canyon Community) and I took a last hike around Grand Canyon. As I looked around, it was hard to believe that I’ve been here 10 years now. 10 years on June 9th, to be precise.

I’d picked up a book called “Delaying the Real World” applied, half-jokingly, and got a job at a National Park, without so much as a phone interview. I worked in concessions, and then for a recreation center. I managed a short-lived photo lab for souvenir photos, a newspaper, and then my dream job as photographer for the Grand Canyon Conservancy meanwhile starting my portrait business. Now, Photography by Terri is my only job, but it’s evolving too.

I’m going to back away from traditional portraits and offer clients an authentic and intimate experience. Firstly I am in love with the outdoors, secondly people. If you blend the two together, I’m having a pretty great day; hopefully, you will too. Climbing, backpacking, hiking, paddling and canyoneering, are just some of the way that we could photograph your adventure session while having genuine fun in the outdoors together. As a people person, I want to be your friend – hike, make memories and take photos along the way.

Gina and I took a hike through the woods to “test” it out, she wasn’t interested in having photos of herself but the light was so beautiful that I set up some shots. I quickly showed her how to use my camera and asked her to take these portraits for me.

I will specialize in adventure portraiture and gear myself toward a future in photographing your imitate and important occasions in locations untouched by man. It’s less important for me to take every wedding request than it is to take the right one. I want to work almost entirely outdoors with people who have a natural curiosity and want to explore the landscape during their elopement or family photo.

Be the people who want to stand on the rim of Grand Canyon, who want to hike mountains, disappear into a forest, or sneak away secluded beach. We will take photos in any weather, be ok catching a raindrop on your nose or kissing in a cave. I want to work with you if you are up for an adventure. 

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  1. maya lora says:

    Adventure sessions are the best and you seem like a fun adventurer! Can’t wait to see more adventure shoots from you

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness this is beautiful! Best of luck with your new photography venture – also, obsessing with your doggo!!

  3. Kailee Rose says:

    So beautiful! Best of luck!!

  4. Aimee Schaefer says:

    This is awesome. Love the Grand Canyon 🙂

  5. Wow i love these photos! You live in such a beautiful place!

  6. Heather says:

    Beautiful work in such a stunning location!

  7. Hannah Bishop says:

    I absolutely love everything you said! I definitely need to book an adventure session with you!

  8. Mollie Adams says:

    This is awesome! So excited that you are chasing your dream!

    • Terri Attridge says:

      Its scary sometimes but I’m trying to be brave. I think there is more than enough photo opportunity out there if you can attract it.

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