A Magical Stormy Adventure Proposal at Grand Canyon

A Magical Stormy Adventure Proposal at Grand Canyon

A total downpour for most of the days surrounding this moment. who knew that it would unfold as a magical stormy adventure proposal. Reaching out to see if maybe Joao might want to reschedule for the morning or cancel, He replies , “Thanks a lot for the support. I have already set my mind to it, so if is raining I think I will embrace as part of the experience. It might be beautiful too”.

So I set out early and sat in my car as the rain really poured on. When Joao and Claudia arrived, it was still raining hard but I stuck to the plan and put on my raincoat. In this instance, I was the only other person at the viewpoint. I was worried that I might become obvious but I was more concentrated on wiping my lens constantly and messing with the plastic wrap around the lens.

He was down on one knee and it was happening as the clouds and rain rolled on. As proposal happened in the middle of this storm and partially under a long coat :), the canyon cleared a little bit behind them. I walked over to introduce and announce myself. I wasn’t sure if they would want to try to take any portraits, but they were good sports.

As we moved around the viewpoint, the thick clouds began to let the sun shine though, illuminating the rain and making us feel as if we were in a big pink cotton candy cloud. I really can’t make this up, there is no filter for this, it was amazing. Truly a gift, it didn’t last long but I could hardly control my gasps of wonderment. This was not the night I expected and even I was surprised photographing this unique proposal in the rain, I’ll never forget it.

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