Surprise National Park Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Surprise National Park Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Dan’s sister contacted me about taking some proposal photos for her brother – surprise national park engagement photos at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. After Dan’s sister dropped out of the conversation, Dan and I became “penpals” over emailing. Dan wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him at #GrandCanyonNationalPark â¤

I usually shoot rain or shine. Unless the next day’s forecast is super clear, then I may try to move the appointment to a better day, but that isn’t often easy with #proposalphotography and it’s important not to try to rearrange the plan too much.

Day of adventure engagement proposal logistics

Pretty soon, this day arrived. It was almost the only clear day in a string of snowy rainy May days. A little bit nervous, even though it was clear, there was still a chance of rain in the forecast. Of course the big dark clouds moved in just in time for the #surpriseproposal.

The clouds were dark when I parked in the lot. I feel like the proposer for a lot of these types of photoshoots. My adrenaline was running high, it always does until after she says yes. I realized I left my phone at home and it surged again. Trying to stay calm and patient, I finally I saw their car, perfectly on time.

I got out and walked toward the rim. Although the clouds were dark, it was amazingly dramatic and the sun illuminated the rain happening in the distance of the canyon. It was a bit brighter than before, mysterious and beautiful.

And then, it was happening Dan was down on one knee before Jenny and her joy and surprise couldn’t be contained. I ran to the other side to get a different view and watched her put on that gorgeous #engagementring for the first time. She alternated between looked at him, crying, looking at the ring and laughing hysterically as he wiped the tears from his face.

I live for this; for standing in your moment and feeling this kind of energy in the powerful and epic #GrandCanyon. Everything about this, I love. I love love love taking these #adventureengagement photos, and I don’t think there is anything that I could enjoy more than this.

  1. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Me and my husband will be at the Grand Canyon in July for our 3rd wedding Anniversary. I would love to get our pictures made there.

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