Intimate Adventure Photo Session Locations at Grand Canyon

Intimate Adventure Elopement Photography Locations at Grand Canyon

I met David and Nicole when I was working in a coffee shop in Tusayan, just outside of the gate from #GrandCanyonNationalPark. Although we worked close to #GrandCanyon, we never explored there together. Now, the little coffee shop is set to close and this chapter in Nicole and David’s life is closing as well. In two weeks, they will set off for another #roadtrip#adventure #acrossthecountry and back home to Missouri. They agreed to help me with reviewing some intimate adventure elopement locations.

We were attempting to do some photos on Friday but the day got away from us and we ran out to the rim, Nicole and David all dressed for photos, just in time to enjoy the sunset together. The following day we got out of bed when we wanted to, drank coffee and set out. We hiked through the wildflowers and looked at pictographs. We sat on the edge of this expanse together and were filled by its energy. We stayed away from tourists and enjoyed this place to ourselves.

Intimate Adventure Elopement Photography Locations at Grand Canyon

In the afternoon, we took a walk out to #ShoshonePoint and laying out on the big flat rocks at the point, enjoyed some quality time together. Shoshone Point is one of the permitted locations for a #grandcanyonwedding and ran into a groom with his best man. They were looking at the location and preparing for their #intimateweddinglater that evening. I helped them with some tips (this point in particular is very challenging to take portraits at), and wandered back to our car.

After relaxing in the heat of the day, we set out to take some mock #adventureelopement photos of our own. I am working toward doing only #adventureweddings for #adventurouscouples in #nationalparks and outside in nature. I wanted to try this out on Nicole and David. Most of it worked well however, because they were friends of mine, they didn’t get the usual email about clothing. As I research #thehearns#thefoxes#thewayfareres and others, I have seen pages about #elopmentdressesand how best to choose a wedding dress that can also be hiked in. I’ll have to take a page from these other photographers and work it into my #adventuresession information packet.

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